First Grade

1st Grade Rocks

Agendas - Each day your child will bring home their agenda (planner) to have it signed. Please be sure to read what they have written in it. This is a wonderful way for us to correspond on your child’s progress.

Dismissal - If the way your child goes home changes for any reason we MUST receive a written note. If we do not receive a note they will be sent home their regular way. This is for the safety of your child. Thank you for your help with this matter.

Field Trips - We are planning a field trip for this year. In order to go we need parents who will volunteer to go on the field trip with the class. If you would like to go as a parent chaperone you will need to be signed up with the county as a volunteer online. If you signed up last year as a chaperone, your information unfortunately does not get carried over to the new school year. Please click here to sign up again for this school year to be able to attend the field trip with your child. If you need to use a computer at school to sign up please come to the front office and they will direct you to the Library.

Great Websites - If you have access to the Internet, look at some of these great websites for you and your child to explore together! (great for reading!) (i-Ready Math and Reading)

Reading Words - Your child will be learning to read lots of words this year. Practice at home is important. Click the link to access our 1st Grade Sight Word List.