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Physical Education (PE)
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Please remember to wear sneakers or athletic shoes and dress for the weather on the days you have PE! You are also allowed to bring a bottle of water, a hat, and sunglasses.

PE Rules:

  • Be respectful and be a good sport
  • Stay in your PE area
  • If you are hurt, tell a coach
  • Always try your best and have fun!

Contact information:
Brandon Hodges
[email protected]
407-532-7900 ext. 3482228

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Click the picture to check out the Art page.

Please wear clothes that can get messy on art day. Students wear smocks when we paint or use other messy mediums but accidents can still happen.

Contact information:
Mrs. Romano
[email protected]
407-532-7900 ext. 3482612

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Music students at Lake Gem learn about a variety of musical styles. We learn to sing songs from other cultures and countries. Music is a culmination of singing, movement, and playing instruments. As students become more advanced, they are provided the opportunity to create and improvise their own melodies and rhythms.

Contact Information:
Mrs. Bristol
[email protected]