Important Update Back to School Information

Greetings Lake Gem Families and Parents,

As we enter Week 2 of universal LaunchED learning, I want to encourage you to make sure your child is set up for success by setting him/her up in a learning space that is conducive to focusing and learning. A table or desk and a comfortable chair, in an area free from distractions, is essential. Many students are using headphones and that is also helping them to maintain attention. Please make children are logging in and ready to learn by 8:30 AM – live lesson begin at 8:45 AM. A reminder to parents and students…there is no recording permitted during LaunchEd. This is for the privacy of all participants. If you are wanting to record to remember how to do something, please ask your teacher for a tutorial to assist you. Thank you for understanding.

A couple of reminders

  1. We are currently looking to hire a School Health Assistant to support our LPN at Lake Gem. If you know someone interested and qualified, please have them apply to the vacancy on the OCPS website.
  2. School Accident Insurance is very inexpensive and can be acquired at a very low price to protect your child if they have an accident at school. Please click for more information.

The following announcements are separated for LaunchED families and Face to Face Families:

Parents of LaunchEd Students:

Good Afternoon! This email is intended for those that have elected to have your child participate in LaunchED learning for the first 9 weeks of school. We want to ensure a positive learning experience for you and your child, so we are hoping you will take a few moments to respond to this short survey and let us know how things are going.  We knew the first week was going to be filled with anxiety and apprehension, and that there would be some growing pains as we worked out the “kinks” associated with such a monumental shift in learning.  We are hopeful each day has gotten smoother than the ones before. 

If you are experiencing issues with connectivity, please consider that your home WiFi may be struggling to manage the load if there are multiple devices being used simultaneously (multiple computers, TV, cell phones).  Adjustments may need to be made for your child to participate without interruption.

Thank you in advance for completing this short survey for each child.  It will help us to know how to better serve you!

Take the LaunchED 1st 9 weeks Parent Survey:

More information on parent pick-up of instructional materials to come soon!


Parents of Face to Face Students:

  1. Please complete this survey to allow us to plan dismissal and arrival procedures. If your child will be a car rider, you will need to pre-order to be able to pick up their car tags on Wednesday between 8-4.  The pre-order link is embedded in the survey. If the Wednesday pick- up time is NOT convenient, please come by Thursday during office hours.
  1. You may want to consider providing your child an optional personal size hand sanitizer (at least 60% alcohol).  We have plenty of hand sanitizer and will provide it, but having a personal one is handy and convenient.  Also, consider providing your child with a personal reusable water bottle daily.
  1. When students arrive on Friday, parents will have to drop them off at entrance gates and will not be permitted to walk them to class.  It is best to remain in the drop off line in your car and drop them curbside. If you are the parent of a kindergartner or new student and you want to park and walk them up to the entrance to capture a photo of their special first day you are welcome to do so.  Please remember to socially distance on the sidewalk and have on your masks as well.  Students must have masks on before entering the building.  We will have disposable masks at the door to give out to students and then once in class, they will be given two reusable, washable cloth masks.  Should your child want to wear a face covering that you will provide, please read this information from the district’s policy:
    1. Cloth Face Coverings: Cloth face coverings are acceptable for compliance with this policy provided that the face covering covers both the nose and mouth, fits snugly against the sides of the face with little to no gaps, and is made of a solid material.  In addition to face masks, neck gaiters and neck buffs are permitted, provided they consist of multiple layers of fabric.  Face coverings may not be made of lace, mesh, or other largely porous material.
  1. Please do not try to send your child to school with all of their supply list materials on the first day.  It will be too much for them to carry.  Your teacher will tell you what is essential for the first day and will ask you to send in their supplies a little at a time over the first week.  Please follow the directions of the teacher.  There will be many staff members on hand to assist students in finding their classes on those first few days.  Please do NOT worry!
  1. For those interested in Before and After Care services with our ASP program our Director Ms. Leslie McLean can be reached via email here [email protected]
  1. Students will not be permitted to be dropped off or walk early on campus and sit in front of the school unsupervised. It is vital for everyone’s health and safety that our students are properly supervised, remain socially distant, and have on masks. This is your responsibility as the parent until 8:15 a.m. until we open the campus.  
  2. Any students on campus early this year will be referred to the social worker and School Resource Officer.
  3. If you need child care in the morning before 8:15 a.m. contact Ms. McLean and register your child for ASP at [email protected]


I sincerely hope that all of you have a wonderful week!  Thank you for your support of our school, our teachers and our students!


Dr. Monica M. Gordon, Principal