Student Information



Here at Lake Gem, we like to celebrate our students. Every nine weeks we recognize our hardworking students in a variety of ways. One of the ways we recognize our students is through an awards ceremony in which children are capable of earning the awards listed below. Parents are strongly encouraged to attend these ceremonies and support their child:

  • A Honor Roll
  • A/B Honor Roll
  • Perfect Attendance
  • Citizenship
  • Rising Star Award
  • AR- Highest point earners

Homework Guidelines

Our goal is to offer a rigorous curriculum which prepares your child for today's world. We concentrate on reading, math, writing, science, and technology. In order to accomplish this goal, your child is assigned homework on a regular basis. The objective of homework is to practice what is taught in class and to complete long-term projects and assignments.

Should you have questions about your child's curriculum or homework, please contact your child's teacher.

School-Wide Student Behavior Plan

Students play an important part in making Lake Gem Elementary a positive learning environment. Every student is expected to take responsibility for his/her behavior, follow Lake Gem Elementary rules and looks out for his/her fellow student. Students are also expected to follow the directions of the Lake Gem Elementary staff and not engage in severe/disruptive behaviors such as fighting, using abusive language or defying adults. Disruptive behavior in the classroom is not tolerated and the student is immediately removed from class. Teachers and the administration work with you and your child to ensure a positive and productive learning environment for all students.

Students who demonstrate these expectations are recognized with citizenship rewards. The philosophy for student behavior, school rules, severe/disruptive behavior definitions and consequences are listed below. You should have already received an insert at the beginning of the year outlining the new Discipline and Truancy Laws passed by legislature which effect both student absences and consequences for misbehavior.

Lake Gem Elementary Student Behavior Philosophy

Students at Lake Gem Elementary School will make choices and accept consequences for their behavior. Our schools rules keep Lake Gem Elementary a drug-free, safe and positive place to make friends, solve problems and learn.

Lake Gem Elementary School Rules

As students we:
1: Respect for our self and others.
1.1 - Follow directions from Lake Gem Elementary adults without comment.
1.2 - Leave other persons' things alone; turn in items that we find.
1.3 - Value everyone's right to learn.

2: Accept responsibility for our actions.
2.1 - Avoid distractions by ignoring others' negative behaviors.
2.2 - Ask for help when we need it.
2.3 - Leave toys at home.

3: Work cooperatively as a team.
3.1 - Speak politely and respectable to everyone.
3.2 - Refrain from put downs and name calling.
3.3 - Are considerate of others' thoughts and opinions.

4: Keep Lake Gem Elementary a clean, safe and healthy school.
4.1 - Clean up after ourselves.
4.2 - Listen and follow safety patrol directions.
4.3 - Walk quietly at all times; no running, pushing or yelling.
4.4 - Are smart not to start - say no to drugs.

Severe / Disruptive Behaviors


  • Hitting, slapping, kicking because the student was angry or upset.
  • Hurting someone because of "playful teasing / rough behavior.
  • Causing another student to fight.
  • Throwing rocks, dirt, or other objects at someone.

Abusive Language

  • Using curse words - written or verbal.
  • Using suggestive, vulgar words - written or verbal.
  • Using "put down" words/ phrases or racial slurs.
  • Threatening to hurt someone (intimidation)


  • Refusing with words and/or actions to do what the adult in charge tells him/her to do.
  • Running away from the adult in charge as he/she is talking with the student.
  • Using unfriendly non-verbal actions while the adult in charge is talking with the student (pouting, hands on hips, shrugging, fist balled up and/or muttering under his/her breath while adult is talking).
  • Becoming angry and walking out of classroom without permission.


Consequences for the above behaviors are listed below. The Principal/ Assistant Principal may choose one or more of these options or additional consequences as deemed necessary. You are notified by phone that a disciplinary referral form is being sent home with your child. Fighting, threatening others or disrespectful behavior towards and adult is not tolerated and results in immediate in-school or out-of-school suspension. Consequences may include:

  • Disciplinary referral sent home, to be returned the next day signed by the parent/ guardian;
  • Move to another classroom for some part of the school day;
  • Assign to in-school time-out for some part of the day;
  • Administration calls parent;
  • Administration, teacher and student conferences with parent;
  • Out of school suspension.

Dismissal Information

Car riders

Students being picked up by car from school will be waiting under the covered area at the front of the school. students not picked up by 3:30pm will be sent to the front office.

Bike Riders

A bicycle rack is provided for bicycles. Please insure your child brings a lock to secure the bicycle. ELEMENTARY AGED STUDENTS ARE REQUIRED TO WEAR HELMETS WHEN RIDING THEIR BIKES.

Bus Riders

Bus transportation is provided to students living more than two miles from the school. Students must, however, obey the bus rules and follow the driver's

directions at all times. Students may be suspended from the bus for violations of the bus rules. Please take the time to discuss these rules with your student.

1) Stand off the roadway when waiting for a bus.
2) Remain in your seat at all times while the bus is moving.
3) Keep body parts and belongings inside the bus at all times.
4) Talk in a normal tone of voice at all times. Do not talk when bus is crossing railroad tracks or when the driver turns on the overhead light.
5) The bus driver may assign students to seats.
6) There is no eating or drinking on the bus.
7) You must be at your bus stop on time. The driver cannot wait.
8) Students who violate school rules at the bus stop are subject to disciplinary action.

Questions about bus routes and stops should be directed to the Transportation Department at 407-317-3800